Accept This Challenge?

If you’re really part of #womensupportingwomen then please, can you make the time to watch this interview and listen to this woman who has, for the second time in her career, been discredited by the patriarchy.

Does she sound like someone who’s completely bonkers and talking nonsense to you, because that’s what they said about her, even some of my favourite women said it about her.

if you want to support me as a friend, know that this is the stuff that’s important to me in my life at the moment and I would love to be able to discuss these stories with my friends, objectively and with civility.

So maybe instead of tagging me in social media and asking me to post a b&w photo of myself – which apart from the heartwarming pleasure of us all seeing each other’s gorgeous faces, achieves what for women’s empowerment exactly? – watch this woman and let me know your feedback, and perhaps do your part in sharing the work of powerful women doing meaningful and important work in this world.

And #mensupportingwomen can watch it too!