Accept This Challenge?

If you’re really part of #womensupportingwomen then please, can you make the time to watch this interview and listen to this woman who has, for

Clunes Yoga Club at Pure-Li Yoga

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP Welcome to Yoga Club! This term we are spicing things up a little to keep ourselves warmed as we move into

War Issues

My lovely yogi friend Mischa, perhaps sensing my frustration, kindly sent the article below to me, written by Matthew Beard, which I want to share

Making Khitchari

Khitchari is a healing food, known in Ayurvedic medicine for it’s balancing qualities, and it can be made to support individual doshas (Ayurvedic body type)

The Right To Choose

“Why are the lives of vaccine-vulnerable children, who public health officials do not want to acknowledge, valued less than the lives of immune-compromised children they will acknowledge?”