New Term at Pure-Li Yoga

This term, August 3rd – September 13th 2018, I am offering Restorative Yoga twice a week. On Mondays, is Restorative Yoga 1, which is a beginners style

Doing The Work

Karla McLaren’s work is deeply insightful and practical, it has had a positive and super helpful approach to my work and my life and I

Bhramari Breathing

This term at Pure-Li Yoga we are working with Bhramari breathing as our Pranayama practice. It seems it is something that at first, students are

Crescendo Through To The End

So much sense . . . This week, circumstances have me thinking or perhaps, feeling, about the sadness that usually accompanies the end of life.

Yoga Is Science

Yog is ancient science.  Neuroplasticity is modern science. We are re-realising what Yoga has always taught us . . .  It’s in the Vedas, the

Restoration in 45 Minutes?!

Thursday nights at Pure-Li Yoga offer you the chance to enjoy an iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation practice. Depending on what time of the year/term you

Only The Good Die Young

Are you expressing your true feelings? Is your ‘ role’ more important than you? Are you responsible for how other people feel? Some questions raised by