How Did Hitler Rise To Power

“Hitler took advantage of the people’s anger by offering them a convenient scapegoat and a promise to restore Germany’s greatness”   sound familiar? (also amazing

Self-care isn’t apathy …

Self-care isn’t apathy … I’m sharing this article by Mary Elizabeth Williams, because it touches on more than one topic worth talking or thinking about

Tom Waits Movie

I love his stuff … simple as that … many happy memories of my youth …


Cowspiracy, taken from Youtube .. an interesting educational (?) watch …., Love and coconuts, Lila xo

Multi-Tasking Damages Your Brain

As part of my teacher training in Restorative Yoga, with Judith Hanson Lasater, we were given a number of articles that I found really valuable.

The darkness in every one of us

I just read this and wanted to share it …. I found it compelling and profound, and really quite stirring …. The darkness is in every

We Are Stardust!

YES!!  Did you ever think about that … WE ARE STARDUST! I guess the ancient yogis were quantum physicians …. The other day in my

Who’s Fault Is It Anyway

I am a great admirer of Brené Brown and a fan of her work … it resonates deeply with me and my learned behaviours. I