Toumani & Siddiki Diabate & Me!

Devastating Realité In Mali

Today I met these LEGENDS!  Toumani Diabaté & his son and apprentice, Siddiki Diabaté.   They play tonight in Sydney’s City Recital Hall.  Don’t miss

Nonviolent Communication

Here’s where I’m at … running alongside to everything else I’m doing right now, I have this in my ear … Nonviolent Communication, the audiobook,

Lisa Mitchell.

I love her voice, and I’m CRAZY about this Like A Version cover, can’t stop listening to it over and over!

Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and empathy are often confused, and used interchangeably in that confusion. A term floating around of late that you may have heard is ‘COMPASSION FATIGUE’,

True Love

A beautiful friend just sent me this fabulous piece of dialogue, between Ekhart Tolle and his partner Kim Eng.  A few of us will be

The Importance Of How We Breathe

So how are YOUR tubes? I was lucky enough to attend a talk given by this man, Buteyko trainer Roger Price, at a Yoga Anatomy & Physiology