True Love

A beautiful friend just sent me this fabulous piece of dialogue, between Ekhart Tolle and his partner Kim Eng.  A few of us will be

The Importance Of How We Breathe

So how are YOUR tubes? I was lucky enough to attend a talk given by this man, Buteyko trainer Roger Price, at a Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

"The Orange Version"!

My Chicken Casserole Recipe

Very organic indeed! This chicken casserole recipe morphed from an old favourite, into whatever I had in the kitchen one day.  It’s a staple that


Can’t get it out of my head …  NEVER BEEN SO TAKEN WITH AN OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE!!  It’s F#*%kn pure brilliance!  Yeah. The series ain’t


Ohhhhh baby!  Well, here we are at my favourite lil spice. I came across ASAFOETIDA or HING, when I did my first Yoga teacher training

Get Your Sugar Here!

Get Your Sugar Here!  I’m VERY excited to share this … Ok … so I recently read the most WONDERFUL book, called Tiny Beautiful Things,

Li Lime Pie Recipe

The holiday season is upon us, and I’m on desserts for Christmas day!   Not everyone in the gang likes to eat dessert without sugar

Taking Control

INVICTUS. I didn’t know this poem before I saw the movie, but now … I love it. I think of it every now and then.  I