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Li Lime Pie Recipe

The holiday season is upon us, and I’m on desserts for Christmas day!  

Not everyone in the gang likes to eat dessert without sugar and wheat, so I’ll be making some good old fashioned gluten-y sugary stuff, and I’ll share those recipes with you too.  But just for balance, here’s a really tasty, zingy, healthful lime pie recipe.  It really bursts of citrus and is quite something!  I’ve made it in both a square springform pan and a round one.  Try it any ol’ way!  Also, feel free to experiment with whatever nuts you have in your pantry … most of all … enjoy the experience and take lots of photos & notes!!

Key Li Lime Pie Recipe

Li Lime Pie

Li Lime Pie



2.5 cups of macadamia nuts

2.5 cups of almonds

Packed 1/2 cup of well chopped dates/ date paste (just blend dates with a little vanilla & a drop of water so it blends easily, but don’t make it watery!).

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder /extract/ scrapings of half a vanilla bean

1/4 teaspoon celtic sea salt

Pie Filling:

1.5 cups of lime juice (I used 9 garden limes)

Zest of 3 of those limes

2 medium – large sized avocados (approx 425 g) Use firm but not hard, ripe but not soft fellows.

3/4 cup coconut milk (no nasties added?!)

1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder / 1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract/ scrapings of a vanilla bean

4 tablespoons of NON GMO lecithin granules

1 teaspoon of Vital Greens powder (or something similar)

1 cup rice malt syrup

12 drops liquid stevia (or to taste)

1/4 teaspoon celtic sea salt

1 1/3 cups of coconut oil melted. (I used expeller pressed coconut oil for this recipe as it has less coconutty flavour)


Grease a 9inch springform pan with coconut oil, unscented if you have it but any oil/fat not too pungent will work.


In the bowl of your blender, process the nuts, vanilla and salt until small and crumbly. TAKE CARE NOT TO OVER-PROCESS OR THE MACADAMIAS WILL BECOME TOO OILY. If this happens don’t freak out!  It will still be edible – it’s happened to me before and mine was!!  It just doesn’t look quite as nice nor does it hold it’s shape as well, but definitely tastes good! You could possibly refrain from greasing your pie pan if this happens – twil be oily enough.

Continue processing as you add small amounts of the dates, until you see the crust starting to stick together.  You want it to have the consistency of a mixture that can hold together with gentle pressure but can be broken apart with a clean break.

Then press this into the oiled pie/cake springform pan.

Li Lime Pie Base

Li Lime Pie Crust



Blend all the ingredients listed under ‘Pie Filling’, EXCEPT THE COCONUT OIL AND LECITHIN, until smooth.

Then once smooth and creamy, add the lecithin and coconut oil and blend again until smooth and well incorporated.

Li Lime Pie  Blending Li Lime Pie Ingredients

Blending Li Lime Pie Ingredients

I would taste here, to see if you need to adjust anything to your liking.

Then pour the filling into the pie crust and place in the freezer for about an hour to set.

Once set, you can decorate how you like to with the freeze-dried berries, or fresh berries if you have them and serve!

This will store in an airtight container in the fridge for at least 3 days.

We just keep ours in the freezer and slice a piece before dinner if we’re feeling like a sweet treat.

Hope You Enjoy!

Love Lila! xo

Aldous Huxley’s The Crows of Pearblossom

Here’s a funky little book you won’t find on every kid’s bookshelf!  You might be surprised to know this author even penned a children’s book – I was …

From the author of the classic “A Brave New World’ – Aldous Huxley, comes this not-for-the-faint-of-heart tale written in 1944 as a Christmas gift for his young niece, Olivia, who often came to stay with him and his wife at their home in the Mojave Desert. It was his first and only children’s story …


After being out of print for yearsThe Crows of Pearblossom has recently been re-issued with new illustrations by Australian artist Sophie Blackall. And while it may not be for the faint hearted, the story does have a happy ending.

Click HERE for BrainPicker’s SoundCloud interview with the illustrator, where she talks about some of her difficulties with the narrative, and hear how her illustrative interpretations help heal for her, some of the harshness the author presents.



Sophie Blackall grew up in Australia where she learned to draw on the beach with sticks, which has not altogether helped her sense of perspective. She completed a Bachelor of Design in Sydney, which furnished her with useful Letraset, bromide and enlarger machine skills. The following few years were spent painting robotic characters for theme parks, providing the hands for a DIY television show, and writing a household hints column. In 2000, Blackall was inveigled by New York. She convinced her husband, and two small children (who couldn’t talk and had no say in the matter), to pack suitcases and sense of adventure and join the diaspora. After two months of pounding the streets, portfolio in hand, and despite the tireless efforts of her agent, the return plane ticket was cashed in to pay the rent. Just when the highlight in the day had become half a can of Budweiser at six o’clock, the fax machine coughed and spluttered and delivered a commission of nine illustrations for The New York Times.


The Crows of Pearblossom

After lots of editorial work and several animated TV commercials in the UK, the first children’s book Sophie Blackall illustrated was Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges (Chronicle), which won the Ezra Jack Keats award in 2003. Since then, she has illustrated Meet Wild Boars by Meg Rosoff (Holt) which won the Society of Illustrators Founders Award; Summer is Summer by Phillis and David Gershator (Holt); What’s So Bad About Being an Only Child? by Cari Best (FSG); Red Butterfly by Deborah Noyes (Candlewick); Ivy and Bean (books one through five) by Annie Barrows (Chronicle); Jumpy Jack and Googily by Meg Rosoff (Holt); Wild Boars Cook by Meg Rosoff (Holt); and Wombat Walkabout by Carol Diggory Shields (Dutton) … and THE CROWS OF PEARBLOSSOM



I hope it’s something that brings joy!

Love Lia, xo

5 Ways To Listen

I wonder if I’m getting worse as I get older!!  

I used to listen so intently!  I have good ears.  When I worked at Trio, we were trained in how to listen for cutlery dropping, both inside and outside the restaurant, so that we could quickly get some fresh stuff to the customer before they had a chance to ask!  Same with the sound of the chairs sliding on the floor – if a customer was getting up, we needed to be by their side, know what was their desire … how could we help?!  Bring a bill or point them in the direction of the bathrooms?  All part of what makes it the best place for breakfast Sydney (SUUUUCH good food!)!

But it did taint my dining experiences elsewhere. For years afterwards I was forever hearing other customers’ cutlery dropping,  service bells pinging and phones ringing!! I remember once freaking myself out because I was eating at Pompeii and someone in Hurricanes, the restaurant next door, dropped a fork. Yep, we got to distinguishing which type of cutlery!  I didn’t WANT these thoughts in my mind anymore, they were of NO benefit to me now!!

It’s wearing off over the years! However, I was recently treated to breakfast on the house at Trio, as while I was chatting with the Ronen, (the owner) I couldn’t help fretting because the phone was ringing and I was desperate to either answer it or ask one of the gorgeous girls to get it!!  This was what was expected of me in my role there (I left 6 years ago!!).  He felt so responsible for my psychosis that chalked my breakfast to the house!  Hahahaha!!

So these days, I work to consciously block a lot of external stimulus … hope I haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater!!


image via

This is a short Ted Talk with some interesting points on how to listen for BETTER COMMUNICATIONS.

“Personal Broadcasting”!!  LOVE this term!! I do a bit of this from time to time!  Then I call in my Personal Editor – that’s usually Mrs. Yoga – she’s great for getting me to listen in to what I’m doing and reminding me of what is necessary, and to let go of what is not!

 5 Ways To Listen For Better Communications

 1. Silence – consciously make room for at least 3 minutes of silence (or at least quiet) in your day.

2. The Mixer – when in a place where there is noise, try to hear/listen in to as many different sounds and channels of sound within the noise.

3. Savouring – enjoying the mundane sounds – the tumble dryer etc … isn’t it a blessing!

4. Listening Positions – the idea of moving your listening position to what’s appropriate to what you’re listening to – active/passive, reductive/expansive, critical/empathetic, etc. etc.

5. R.A.S.A. an acronym (and also the Sanskrit word for juice or essence)

R: RECEIVE – pay attention to the person

A: APPRECIATE – make little sounds of appreciation, ‘hmmm, mmm, uhuh’ and the like 

S: SUMMARISE – the use of the word ‘SO’ is important here … summarise what you’ve heard to get clarity and understand each other

A: ASK – ask questions afterwards

I thought this was a really helpful lil video, and a good one to watch every now and then as a reminder – to be a good listener is a skill after all, something that needs to be nurtured, honed and practised.

Hope it’s helpful for you too!  Good luck!

Oh and check out TRIO for a breakfast someday, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


Love Lise, xo

Forever Young

Well … it seems to be you either LOVE him or hate him …. and I’m a lover not a hater!!  Since I was first introduced to ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again’, over a milkshake in TJ’s burger-&-general-teenage-hang-out-joint, Main St., Newbridge, circa 1988, I have been a fan of Bob and his poetry and songs!

Bobby Dylan

image via CBS

This book is  available to buy HERE at, because I want to share the beautiful things … bring some smiles and wonder to life! This one’s a gem!

Now, I grew up in a house where there was always singing, and music, in fact we were often ‘sung to’ instead of spoken to ... one tune that comes to mind:

Certainly this one was pulled out any time I protested about not getting enough pocket money, or demanding to be paid for my household chores, hahahaha!  Or basically, any time I needed reminding to be a more gracious girl and thankful for what I had.  Just good old Catholic guilt really, all wrapped up in a purty Tammy Wynette bow!!  But, I digress …

Forever Young Book Cover

From Forever Young, a book by Bob Dylan and Paul Rogers

“May you build a ladder to the stars, And climb on every rung, May you stay forever young”

Forever Young is such a beautiful poem, all children, and hec all adults everywhere deserve to have this anthem sung to them.  It is essentially a blessing from an adult to a child, and recorded in 1974 on the Planet Waves album.  Bob had recently become a father, I believe the song was inspired by his then 4 year old son Jakob.  The song was memorably recited on American TV by Howard Cosell when Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight crown for the third time.

In 2008, Dylan asked award-winning illustrator Paul Rogers, to apply his signature mid-century aesthetic in re-imagining the lyrics of the iconic anthem as a series of illustrated vignettes for young readers.

From Forever Young Book

From Forever Young, a book by Bob Dylan and Paul Rogers

Here’s a review of the book by ELH Browning from the UK:

“These classic song lyrics are brought to life in a book for children, imparting a beautiful and important message to a new generation. The words are lovely, as you’ll know before you read given the provenance of the text, and the illustrations have a cool deliberate sixties look. There’s an American flavour to the pictures which is entirely appropriate and isn’t in the least over-bearing or off-putting for UK readers, and there’s lots of classic things to point out to a child, like a VW beetle. In addition there are oodles of other things to spot as an adult which vary in their obvious link to Dylan and his lyrics but many of which are highlighted at the back of the book. For instance a little girl in one of the illustrations has a T-shirt the same as the one Bob Dylan wears on the cover of his Highway 61 Revisited album. It’s a pleasure to read the song (or sing it) to children hearing it for the first time and as the book begins “May God bless you and keep you always…” so a rather lovely Christening gift from the more secular giver, perhaps?”

Forever Young image

From Forever Young, a book by Bob Dylan and Paul Rogers

Forever Young

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

Chicken Wire Bob

Artist Ivan Lovatt makes remarkably life-like sculptures of famous folks, icons and wildlife out of poultry chicken wire. Thanks for sharing Val!



Miss Wen’s Mango Salad Recipe

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing this salad at the heavenly hands of Miss Wen!  It was North Bondi, a hot steamy summer’s night, and Dawnie & Jenxie were there too!  We just LOVE this salad!

Since then I have had the benefit of the generous Miss Wen sharing her recipe jewel with me!  I’ve prepared this spicy number quite a few times over the years and it always goes down with a bang!!  So that’s why I’m sharing it with you … she gave me the nod, and a few of you have been asking … !!

Apart from it tasting PIZANG!, I really like it because it can all be pretty much prepared and stored in advance, so it’s great for entertaining – the leaves can be washed, dried, picked and stored in a salad bowl, using a clean dry tea towel to cover the leaves and a layer of cling film over the top, to keep it from wilting, and just popped it in the fridge overnight.  The dressing too can be prepped in advance, and you could even chop the mangoes and onion up in advance, though I like to leave this to closer the serving time to reap the most nutritional value from them.  I recommend using sweet, ripe mangoes, it’s nice to be able to cube them, but they ought to be flavourful and sweet for best results.

I use coconut sugar and some stevia drops to sweeten the dressing, but otherwise a tablespoon of brown sugar is the guideline!

Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce with no additives/nasties

Also, I found this fish sauce which seems to be pretty straight forward ingredient-wise. When I can,  I like to use something as close to natural as possible without any nasties.  This brand just uses anchovy extract, water and salt.  Which will also suit those allergic to shellfish.  It tastes great!



Miss Wen's Mango Salad

SImple to prepare & beautiful whole food ingredients!

Miss Wen’s Mango Salad

Serves 4 approx.


1/3 cup lime juice

1/4 cup fish sauce

1 tablespoon coconut sugar and a few liquid stevia drops (or brown sugar).

1 clove garlic peeled and crushed

1 chilli seeded and finely chopped (or leave the seeds in! Pow!)

1 full bunch of coriander

1 half bunch of mint

1 large bag rocket

3 – 4 mangoes diced1/2 a Spanish (red) onion thinly sliced and chopped (optional).

A handful of cashew nuts, I like to dry fry mine in a pan to get ’em crunchy!

Miss Wens Mango Salad

Fling your nuts on a dry pan over a medium heat to crunch ’em up!


Dice the mangoes. (Suck the stones … yummmm!)

Mix lime juice, fish sauce, sugar/stevia, garlic and chopped chilli together; then pour over mangoes

Wash and dry all the leaves and mix up together in a large serving bowl

Gently mix through mango salsa and chopped red onion

Sprinkle with your toasted cashew nuts over the top and serve!

Miss Wen's Mango Salad Recipe

Miss Wen’s Mango Salad Recipe, deliciously fresh and zingy!



We eat this with pan-fried salmon … also mouth-wateringly good with his BBQ’d lamb cutlets, marinated in garlic, oregano and rosemary… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


Let me know if you try it and what you think?!!


Love Lila & thanks to Miss Wen! xo


I Have High Cholesterol And I Don’t Care

Here’s a video I found interesting.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Cholesterol and how to eat right to keep it where it’s ‘healthy’ is so controversial.

Well, it’s the to-keep-it-where-it’s-healthy part that’s controversial to me.

Who to believe?

Are you on medication for high cholesterol?  Are you aware of the side effects they have, or notice any at all?

It seems to be very complex, but wonderfully interesting especially as there is a lot of money to be made from pharmaceuticals, and there seem to be many ‘I’ll-prescribe-you-some-chemicals happy’ doctors out there!



So here’s what happened to me:

Last year, I decided that I would have a colonoscopy, as I was reaching a certain age where apparently, it’s wise to start keeping an eye on organ health.  I had to do a few different kinds of tests.  One of which revealed I had the genotype which made me susceptible to coelic’s disease (gluten/wheat intolerance). Another revelation was that my cholesterol was higher than the doctor (a Specialist actually) thought it should be, or in the range that is considered ‘high’.  It was 6.5.

And so the doctor suggested that I go on statins to reduce it, taking into account the fact that my father has had more than one heart bypass and my grandmother died from angina.  Fair enough  … typical conventional medical advice I should think.

I refused point blank, considering it rash but also because I’m not a fan of having foreign chemicals in my body.  As I felt perfectly fine and considered my lifestyle pretty healthy, in fact a large portion if not all of my lifestyle is geared around health & wellbeing, I’m just the kind of person that would rather my instinct tell me I need something like that, than a doctor who knows medicine but doesn’t know me at all.

Cholesterol 3

image via

He enquired about my diet. And so I explained that I try to eat less gluten, grains and sugar and more fresh vegetables, salads, fish, grass-fed meats, free range organic chicken, but not much meat over-all, and I include good animal fats, cococnut fat, and more goats & sheep products than dairy, though I still enjoy a daily latte on regular milk, some good quality cheddar cheese, biodynamic dairy yoghurt and of course my darling pure unadulterated butter.  I try to eat food that is not or as least processed as possible, and choose boidynamic and organic produce where my budget allows, (or really where I don’t feel like Im being ripped off).  These are just my general eating habits and preferences, I don’t stick to severe régimes or any such discipline!

He wasn’t too chipper about me eating butter, and coconut fat!!  In fact he suggested I give them up, and choose low-fat products (this to my chagrin!) instead.

Low Fat Diet

He suggested the statins were a common choice as he said that changing my diet can only reduce my cholesterol by about 10%, which made me think ‘then why would I ruin my life by trying to avoid eating my beautiful foods?!’.

Now most of you who know me, will know that I can be quite contrary at times, and a bit bolshi when I feel like it, and I felt so strongly about this conventional approach that I wanted to blow this lovely man’s advice right out my you know what.  But I felt a little intimidated by his medical language and knowledge. I also have a lot of respect for him as a person, for his seniority & reputation in the profession, and he is very well revered in his specialty.

So I felt confused, as everything I had been reading and practising about diet and health, while may be considered ‘alternative’, was science based but was not being supported by this highly acclaimed professional.  And while I did not doubt myself and my instincts, I decided to bite my lip and keep it polite and respectful!!  At this stage there was nothing to be gained by arguing.

What I did do though, was tell him that I was going to send his secretary this video (above) and I asked him if he would watch it, and so that’s what I did.

Getting back to the statins, we decided on another route.  As I was firmly closed to taking them, I asked him an important question:

“What if I had my arteries checked to see if there was any plaque built up from my high cholesterol reading, family history or anything else?”

So we organised for me to have an ultrasound test of my carotid artery.  And I also had a cardiac ultrasound.

cholesterol 6

image via

The tests came back.  The build up of plaque caused by cholesterol or anything else read zero, which he said was an excellent result for someone of my age and with my family history.

So now was it necessary for me to go on statins?  No.  Absolutely not necessary.

Did it matter that my cholesterol was high?  No it didn’t.

However, while I got the results I’d hoped for, I don’t really know what I would have done if the tests came back and my arteries did have a plaque build up.  I still think I would hold off on the drugs.  Maybe. But I’d never really know until I was faced with the issue. They say that once the build up of plaque is there, there is no way the body can remove it by itself.

It really made me think though … these ultrasound tests were very expensive, not something everyone can afford.  And so even if doctors were ‘on to it’, and recommending these tests before pushing the prescription drugs, the prohibitive cost would still mean that some people would end up on the drugs regardless.  Keeping the pharmaceutical companies in business, and possibly having this weird concoction of unnatural drugs floating around in our systems – for what?!

Again, I think I was very lucky not to have been bullied into taking the drugs and to have seen a logical doctor who gave me options, albeit expensive ones.  But that isn’t the case for us all.

I needed to quieten down a bit.  I had been going around blabbing passionately on how having high cholesterol was not the big evil problem that the medical profession, government and media make it out to be, and that we’d all do better to eat more good, healthy fats, less sugary crap, less fructose, less high sugar carbohydrates and less grains and wheat, all of which can cause inflammation in the body.  This is just my personal, extreme and general view, open to change and who knows what they’ll discover next! Not all doctors are going to agree with my slant on things, and not everybody is going to have the options I had made available to them.

But what about this : How much do we spend on the statins? Or does the government pay for that. What if the money was spent less on medications and more on rigorous testing?  Would that make more sense? Is there any link there between governments, politics and pharmaceutical companies?  These are the questions I ask myself.  I am naturally a suspicious person, and I will leave it there!

So what of those of us who DO have arterial plaque build up?  Are statins required then?  I mean, does the theory that high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attack still apply and/or ought we tread very carefully here.

fear & ignorance

Is the answer to take the meds because we don’t really know?  And do we know the possible damage and risks we take by taking meds that may or may not help the issue?!  I can’t help feeling nobody knows. Or at least it hasn’t been fully revealed yet as it’s a constant experiment when our diets are changing so rapidly and, for some, with such little awareness of how food gets on our plates!

I have touched a little bit on some of my thoughts on eating wheat and sugar HERE and HERE, and I think this is a good way to proceed for me, and maybe even for most people.

How will you know how different you could feel (better that is), unless you TRY IT!!  Sugar plays a huge role in the issue of our ill-health today.

I feel that a little bit of the white stuff now and then won’t harm me too much, but it’s funny that I do notice the difference in how I feel when I eat it.

image via

image via

I grew up eating plenty of sugar, so don’t worry … I’ve had my glory days, and I think people should eat whatever the hell they want to in order for them to be happy, because life is short!  But best keep it real, with reality checks, non?!

I have my views and they’re my own! I believe in each to their own. I certainly think that we all have to do what we each think is best for us.  

I just wonder if programmes like this 30 minute one in the link below, will do much to help people understand that perhaps we’ve got to listen up, think about these things a bit more, become active in regard to our health, and not just sit around thinking the government and medical industry have got this one covered!! 

 Well done Dr. Maryanne Demasi!  Again!

Catalyst: Heart of the Matter Part 1 – Dietary Villains – ABC TV Science.

What are YOUR thoughts on this folks? 

Apparently a lot of people care, but is it in a way that adds value to the world?

It seems it can cause divide, bias and even discrimination for some, in the increasingly ‘extrovert’ world of over-share in which we live.

I bought a book last Christmas for a loved one called  Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking  by Susan Cain.

And since then I’ve become quite intrigued by the topic.

According to research, at least a third to a half of the people we know are introverts.  YES! That is saying that one in two or three people we know are introverts!  Who Knew?!

It was brought to my mind again recently, when I enjoyed a live performance by Beyoncé.  Part of her show included pre-recorded video clips portraying some of her thoughts and messages to the world.  One thing that rung true for me was this line:


Along with my devotion to yoga, I’ve been cultivating for myself, for some time now, the idea that if I stopped projecting outwards so much, voicing my opinion on everything in the manner in which I was doing it, and cultivated a little more inner questioning, awareness, and stillness, that I might contribute to a more peaceful, content world.  And I might make some space to notice some more or life’s gifts and beauty.  And I did.  I am!  And I’m sharing them here.  It’s a quieter space for me!

And that’s not to take away from the extroverts in our lives –  on the contrary – we NEED extroverts. But it is a worry that if one in two or three of us are in fact, more introverted types, and we feel that to survive, we must make like we are extrovert types, that this could be very fertile ground for breeding discontentedness and discontentment in the world.

Am I An Introvert Or An Extrovert?!  

Do You Distinguish Yourself As One Or The Other?

Well according to the video below, there’s no such thing as being either an introvert or an extrovert.  Oh … or an ambivert!  These terms were brought to us by Carl Jung and he used them to describe the attitude types of people, not to label a specific person.

I always thought I was an extrovert type.  But if I were to “label’ myself, I would say I have the ability and the tendency to be either, but I definitely lean towards being an introvert.

Especially as I get older – I seem to get more and more exhausted so easily, when in groups of more than say 2 or 3 people.  I notice I am super sensitive to noise, smells, crowds, and basically just find I am not enjoying myself, and usually would prefer to be at home doing my thang.  I have always preferred being at home than ANYWHERE, since forever.

I love having one-on-one breakfasts, walks and coffees etc. with friends, but if the conditions are not ‘right’, it really starts messing with my head, I literally get dizzy if the environment is too busy, noisy, loud, bright, uncomfortable!

Something else I notice is that rather than talking on the phone,  I much prefer to communicate with friends via text message, email or use an instagram photo and few lines to capture my mood, portray how I’m feeling or (over?)share what I’m up to in that moment!

Guess these are definitely introvert aspects to my personality?!

And it’s not that I have any trouble talking when I want to …  I know how to do that –  I learned it in my 30’s!  I can be quite gregarious … it’s just sometimes I don’t want to be so.

Sometimes I wish there could be more comfortable silence in the air.

Sometimes  Often, I speak LOTS but I feel that I say nothing really.  Sometimes this is by design … to go with the flow, and other times I get drawn into a conversation on a whim or a topic I can easily get passionate about.  But I don’t often articulate what I really mean, or maybe I don’t find conversation adequate to cover whatever emotion or thought I am trying to share.  I often find a song or a picture and some shared silence works better as a connection point with others.  Is that weird? Oh  wait – apparently not ….

… Back to Susan Cain.  She’s got some interesting research for us. Some of it is a little worrying but not surprising really.

Below is a snippet from an interview with Cain in Scientific American, so you get her gist …

“Cook: You argue that our culture has an extroversion bias. Can you explain what you mean?

Cain: In our society, the ideal self is bold, gregarious, and comfortable in the spotlight. We like to think that we value individuality, but mostly we admire the type of individual who’s comfortable “putting himself out there.” Our schools, workplaces, and religious institutions are designed for extroverts. Introverts are to extroverts what American women were to men in the 1950s — second-class citizens with gigantic amounts of untapped talent.

In my book, I travel the country – from a Tony Robbins seminar to Harvard Business School to Rick Warren’s powerful Saddleback Church – shining a light on the bias against introversion. One of the most poignant moments was when an evangelical pastor I met at Saddleback confided his shame that “God is not pleased” with him because he likes spending time alone.”

… But please, do make some time to watch her TED talk here … I find it a fascinating take on the world, and it sounds pretty spot on to me.  Though I’d love to know what do YOU think?




Introvert Funny 1

Introvert funny


The Grand Budapest Hotel


We’re going to HAVE to see this one, right??

‘SBS Chill’ Digital Radio Station

I recently discovered this ‘SBS Chill’ Digital Radio Station … At my dentists actually!

I really liked it and thought if it can chill me out here, which it did, then it’s probably very effective.  Sure makes the visit to the dentist less ‘angstie’!

I don’t have a handle on digital radio yet … but I sometimes listen to radio online on my devices, mostly Irish radio … love to do that at Christmas time, (why do I DO it to myself?!!).

Anyway, I mostly do podcasts now.  It means I can listen to what I want when I want.

But this is a sweet lil’ addition to my radio stations, for more spontaneous occasions!

I like how it works as great background music … it’s world music with chill out vibe … hope you like!

You can view track information etc, when you look at the homepage, which I think is great – and responsible for my ever-expanding music library!

You can listen live by clicking HERE.  And/or download the free app too, just click HERE.




Love Li. x