Clunes Yoga Club at Pure-Li Yoga


Welcome to Yoga Club!

This term we are spicing things up a little to keep ourselves warmed as we move into winter, so why not create a Cosy Clunes Club Collective?! 😃

The morning practices will all be yoga asana, we will master a new pranayama (breathing exercise), and build our meditation practice over the 8 weeks. So we will continue to practice known poses and learn new ones.  Working to move and expand energy, create heat from the inside out, strengthen the muscle groups around the joint complexes, and work on balance, posture, strength, stamina and how to remain calm even if and when we are in stressful situations.  

And yes, you will of course, with regular practice, become more flexible, but I don’t place great emphasis on flexibility . . .

… not without strength and a sense of resilience, AND the ability to breathe using the diaphragm so that we can self-regulate our nervous system. That goes for both body AND mind.

At Pure-Li Yoga, we are working to become conscious of how to move meaningfully and in a way that supports our individual lifestyles, promoting both our mental and physical health and wellbeing, whilst also having fun and cultivating our community within our community!

Please know this style of yoga is not about how to look like a pretzel, or requiring of you to be in any way some kind of gymnast.  

It is a safe, intelligent practice, with variations and modifications for people of varying experience and physical limitations.  

It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, or do a ‘downdog’ . . .

… that’s the whole point of practice.   You LEARN! Not just about the poses, but about yourself, your habitual patterns, the inner-critic and the quality of your self-talk. How much or little you push yourself, and if it helps or hinders your existence!

Yoga is a practice of self-inquiry, after all. At Pure-Li Yoga, you are here to learn how to move actively and also how to be actively still, in ways that are harmonious to YOUR body and YOUR mind. This is YOUR yoga!

The Tuesday evenings, welllll …. they are going to be something a little different.

They are going to be what we might call “SURPRISE YOGA”!

Each week we will welcome something unpredictable.  We will be practising yoga in every day life!  And I will present something based largely or loosely on yoga.  At the very least something seen, experienced, or practiced through the lens of yoga.

Maybe it will be an iRest® Yoga Nidra , maybe it will be a meditation talk & practice, maybe it will be a restorative practice.  It might be that we gather the cushions into a circle and talk about yoga philosophy, or that we chant and/or sing together!  Expect nothing and be open to everything, but trust it will be a safe and, from week to week, a well-thought-out practice whatever I come up with, with an informal, warm and friendly feel to it, and all you have to do is show up with your open mind, and maybe a friend to share the experience!

I understand this session will possibly seem more appealing to existing students, as there is already in place a sense of trust between us, and it need not be confronting! If you are new to Pure-Li Yoga, and you decide to try out the Surprise Yoga on Tuesday nights, please be assured that while the tone of the evening may be friendly and informal, it will still be a professional and safe environment, and nobody will make you stay if it’s not your thing, so you need not feel tethered. Also, it may reassure you somewheat to read the Testimonials from existing and past students?!

There is also something to learn from it being a surprise, we can learn the art of being open, trusting, and accepting, and also giving ourselves permission to rock up and participate or not.

And while I advertise that you can trust me, trust really comes down and back to YOU. We all do better when we learn to trust ourselves over what others say, teachers, gurus or peers etc. (Btw, trusting that you will be ok, even if things are not ok, is one of the benefits of a committed meditation practice!)

The intention for the Tuesday evenings is for it to be a fun, improvisational, creative and delicious evening, where you learn how yoga can be a way of life, at the very least, certainly more than just postures.

When you buy your Yoga Club term membership, up front in advance, you are buying entry to, up to and including, 4 yoga practices a week, for $26.25 per week or $6.55 per practice, for 8 weeks.

It’s an incentive deal.  

The idea is that you commit to your practice, and there’s nothing like paying up front to help keep a body motivated to turn up!

The NEW weekly practices times are as follows:

Tuesdays 6.30am-8am

Tuesdays 6.30pm-8pm

Wednesdays 6.30 -8am

Thursdays 6am-7am

Your subscription welcomes you to all or any of these practice times.

I hope you will share the next term with me … if not with the Yoga Club deal, know that you can book yourself in for a Drop In Practice as well, just text me also on 0405 132 432 to make sure there is a spot held for you.


Love Lila xo

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