David Crosby on Here’s The Thing with Alec

Perhaps my most formative years were, amongst a few other crackers from the 60’s, harmonized by Crosby Stills and Nash.

And Young when he dropped in, but we gave him fair quarter as a solo artist too, so we didn’t miss out.

Perhaps like me, you will enjoy this podcast with David Crosby.

It’s a great insight, and an interesting story. I met Graham Nash a few years ago when he was on tour here in Australia – one of the many great things about working on the Front Desk at the ABC – and what David says about Graham in this podcast is true – Graham really has no time for David. It made me sad when he spoke briefly about it. He was over the whole CSN thing. And didn’t hold back paying out Mr Crosby at all either. Weird to hear someone who inspired so much love, clearly be bothered by so much …. well … let’s just say ‘distaste’ for a fellow harmonizer, and after all these years too. It was sort of uncomfortable hear but he didn’t hold back!

I told him that one of my favourite songs of all time was ‘Carried Away’, and he told me he wrote it. (I didn’t know!) He was about to tell me what or maybe whom it was about but he had an unsmiling girlfriend hovering, and his hesitation turned to refrain!

Well … regardless of their story .. CSN & Y are true musical legends and crazy talented guys! No one else like em! And I still have a softness for David.

Feel pretty damn lucky to have had such a groovy gang of friends back in my late teens, that listened to and loved music so much . . . fiery gems indeed.

x x Lila.

Ps. In case you missed the link to the podcast above . . . here is is again!

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