Freedom Airways and Travel Freedom

It’s coming. Travel Freedom. Too late for me to make it home to see my dad before he passed over. But this news will start pulling me upward, triggering a sense of optimism once more. Thank the gods for the work this woman and her team are doing.

There is hope yet sissy!

Professor Dolores Cahill discusses a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of COVID. The Freedom Airway & The World Freedom Alliance are seeking to create travel options that don’t require travellers to submit to a global experimental pharmaceutical programme, face masks or forced isolation and detention programmes.

The magnitude of outrage, frustration and sorrow, around the circumstances that led to my dad’s death in Ireland this week, has only served to make me more determined than ever not to acquiesce to this ‘new world order’ of unlawful and inappropriate, damaging and cruel mandates.

They are not backed by science in any way shape or form, to show they are for the greater good. Moreover they obstruct our inalienable rights: the right to bodily integrity, along with freedom to travel. A far greater number of people are suffering and dying from lockdowns and the effects of the notoriously incompetent unreliable PCR tests, than they are from Covid-19, and my dad was one of them.

Watch this video to understand how the runway is being lit up …. and how we are are ascending toward the new horizon, not descending into the Great Reset.

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