Gentle Hatha Yoga

In our Gentle Hatha Yoga Practice we are practising to be firm, but calm.

So depending on your individual body, you can do more, or less.  I provide variations  to the asanas (postures) so there is something for everyone.  You decide in each practice how your body is feeling, and if you’d like to do simple or more complex versions of each asana.

The practice incorporates some gentle but active movements, including weight-bearing and balancing, whilst promoting opening, lengthening, strengthening and freeing the body and mind of blockages to our energy flow.

In this practice, the weight bearing movements are made without the use of gym-style external forces – like barbells and weights, we are not pulling or pushing, we are not forcing.  We are using the weight of our own bodies to do the work – with a little help from an external force called GRAVITY!

This makes it a safe and intelligent practice, where you move and grow at your own pace, that requires nothing but yourself to show up in order to practice!!

So, things like standing on one leg, holding our bodies up off the ground on all fours, we are using our muscles and limbs in a way that is natural and possible for each individual, not using one particular prop like a weight bar and expecting it to suit all bodies.  Not pushing ourselves to lift or making ourselves be so out of breath that we are dripping with sweat and can barely breathe.  We are making a practice of finding out edge and working to walk that line in each practice, whilst working to keep the breath smooth and soft.  This creates the need for us to become very aware of what way and how we are moving, perhaps the beginnings of self-observation and self-awareness, which in turn, cultivates the skill of focussing and introception. (That’s the yoga part!)

Incorporating breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation practice, we also make time for a deep relaxation at the end of the practice, so that your body and mind can feel integrated and whole.

This is not a style that requires flexibility, or agility, so don’t tell me you can’t touch your toes – that is irrelevant!

It is a practice for anyone who wants to feel better in their bodies and minds, who want to learn ways of strengthening body and calming mind, and for those who are courageous enough to begin (or continue) to cultivate the witnessing mind and beyond!

If you are even just a little bit curious, but there is something putting you off, or a question that is holding you back from practising, please contact me and let’s talk it through to see if together, we can come up with a solution!

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