Last Days of Early Birds, Discounts And Deals- Yoga for as little as $6.66!

Pure-Li Yoga For Beginners is back for a new 8 week term starting March 12th 6.30pm – 8pm!

The Beginners Course is ideal for those of you who are completely new to yoga, as well as those who would like to re-visit the basics and brush-up on the foundations.

Learning the asana (postures) of Hatha Yoga, in a safe, smart and gentle way, in our gorgeous studio in Clunes.

I call it Pure-Li Yoga For Beginners because we are all Beginners really! The sequence comes from my teachers Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy, where I used to teach. 

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That’s me 👆🏼

Taking a new posture or set of postures in each week, with lots of instructions & time to ask questions, we will work up to a gentle flowing instruction-less practice in the 8th week.

The idea is that we learn TO MOVE actively and gently, from the ground up, with lots of detail, playing time and question time.


The course has informal, fun feels more like a workshop – because I want you to understand the core principles of the poses you are learning, as well as some basic yoga philosophy to marry to your physical practice, so there is time for you to ask questions, and to try and find your way in the poses that feels harmonious with YOUR being. My hope is that you will have a solid understanding of how to do things, and importantly why you are doing them the way I’m showing you – to empower you to be in control of YOUR OWN body and not just monkey see monkey do me!

Also you will learn options and alternatives for days when you might not be feeling so strong, so that you can still practice, you just adapt the practice to suit your body. Always that is what we are doing in Yoga – finding where the challenge is for us, each individually, within a moment, a pose, a breath etc, and adapting not just our bodies but OUR MINDS around it. All the while being firm but calm. It’s a great challenge, simple yet not always easy, but so so rewarding when we succeed. For me just the trying is rewarding!

The point is that we learn it in yoga school, but we apply it to our lives.

In each 90 minute practice also learn pranayama (yogic breathing practices) and meditation, with sprinklings of yoga philosophy.

All mats, props etc provided, you just need to bring your Beginners Mind, and a sense of humour and you’ll get the most from it – like anything!

🐣 E A R L Y  B I R D  S P E C I A L

There is an Early Bird is now on but will end on March 8th so don’t dilly dally, and there’s a discount for previous course students as well – previous course students: check your email for the code! 👆🏼

Also – if you’re ‘not flexible’ or ‘can’t even touch your toes’, guess what – yoga practice will help that! It is NOT a pre-requisite to be flexible – in fact isn’t it kinda one of the actual purposes of practising yoga in the first place?! And it is definitely NOT a competitive sport – so YAY!

Looking forward to sharing this Autumnal practice with you, ways to heat the body from the inside so that we can get strong, and yes you’ve probably guessed it – more flexible too.




The TWT Deal

And because of that, I’ve added more practising opportunities:

To support the workshop style of the course, and to respond to some requests from the local community, I’ve added some more practices to the schedule. If you’re on the course, these extra practices are an excellent opportunity for you to reinforce what the course is teaching you, getting it into the very bones of you! A chance for you to start developing muscle memory for the postures, and indeed the breathwork and meditation too. 

Whether or not you are on the Beginners Course, these practices are available as drop in practices too, so if you are irregular in your practice but still want to do SOMEthing that is safe and accessible, then you can drop in and out whenever you like, by texting me to book your spot.  The number is 0405 132 432, and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have this way too.

You can also take advantage of the TWT Deal which ends before the term commences so secure your TWT Deal soon – important also because places are limited, and at this special price, places may well sell out in advance of the last availability day, so don’t be disappointed! The TWT Deal is about committing to practice more frequently, this is an incentive deal to get you here and make the most of your practice, the more you come the less it costs you, check it out by clicking this link! Also the more you come the better you’re going to feel, and the more you are going to learn!

Working out at $6.66 per session when you attend all three practices each week, makes it incredible value financially, and you won’t know yourself with the value your body and mind will score!

It’s important to me that I try to help you understand, that a) yoga is more than just postures, and b) no matter if you are super-stiff or hyper-mobile, that you will learn how to adapt postures and practices to you as an individual, that you will feel replete after practice! What I mean is, it’s not about everyone doing the same thing to the same degree – we are not robots! It’s about taking in and taking on, enough to fill YOUR cup, and if you don’t know it already, you are about to find out just HOW LIBERATING that is!

❄️In the meantime, it’s only autumn …. but winter: we will be so strong we will be hot for you!❄️

Hope you can join me! 

Please text me on 0405 132 432 with any further enquiries – I don’t see Facebook comments so please text me.

Love Li xox

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