New Term at Pure-Li Yoga

This term, August 3rd – September 13th 2018, I am offering Restorative Yoga twice a week.

On Mondays, is Restorative Yoga 1, which is a beginners style Restorative practice, where I help you get into the positions, and instead of allowing the space to become silent, there is intermittent guidance for a busy mind. This practice is designed for those of us who would find complete silence a little too challenging, and that is the case for many amongst us – the voice in our heads can get really annoying!

So I offer you mine instead, and I share with you some techniques in how to sustain stillness, and feel ok regardless of what arises in our still, soft music background, quiet time together.

It might be that your thoughts are running riot, you start feeling super anxious, or a pain that you are dealing with becomes louder and more bothersome than normal, or you have the desire to get up and run the hell out of the room!    This is all normal, it still happens to me sometimes!  But with this practice we learn how to stay.  How to stay and persist with a softness, through the anxiety, the fretting, the to-do lists, the pain, the heartache, the sadness, the uneasy feelings, the whatever-it-is that keeps us bolting around, feeling more and more ungrounded.


I offer ‘Restorative 1’, because this is a really common response to the body becoming still.  The guidance offered, helps you to guide yourself to a safe place, USING mind rather than BEING USED BY IT, where you can practice visiting, and cultivating feelings of calm, or just ‘okayness’, whenever things get overwhelming.  And of course when you get versed in these skills on the yoga mat, you can find they are useful in situations OFF the yoga mat too.

On Saturdays . . .

. . . we have Restorative Yoga.  This practice takes a similar ‘shape’ to Restorative 1, it’s just more of a silent practice.  So I don’t play music, and I don’t talk throughout the practice, apart from showing new students how to take the positions, and reminding you once in a while to be comfortable and release tension.

This is a great time to observe your thoughts, how you speak to yourself, and also maybe to daydream, sleep, or reflect on issues in your life.  It is pure and real time-out.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just lying down and resting in utter comfort and warmth in a safe place.

There is no wrong or right way of doing this practice.  There is simply a reminder that we are here to Be, not always to do. It is a deep inquiry into Self.   It’s actually whatever the heck you want it to be!

And people come for varied benefits.  It’s a practice that ultimately helps us to feel more whole, less disconnected and disjointed.  It’s not for any one ‘type’ or group of people.  Everyone wants to feel connected and whole, everyone wants to operate at optimum levels.  This practice can offer ways of cultivating that.  It’s not a solution to all your problems, it’s a way of practising how to move through them.  Avoidance makes us weak; jumping in, committing to practice, abiding with what is, makes us strong, makes us resilient.


This practice is about learning to abide with what is.  Sounds so simple, yet if more of us were able to   a b i d e  with what is, imagine how much energy we could save by not fighting against what is, complaining about what is, feeling miserable about what is, that energy we could instead use to make meaningful action, and positive change in our lives and the world!

Not sure if this is for you?  Let me share a few of the benefits: for some students, they want to spend dedicated time in the week to themselves, without interruption, where they can just feel some peace, others come because they feel rested and restored afterward, some come to address deeper issues in their life and use this as a quality time to go inward and connect to their intuition and higher Selves, some come because they understand scientifically, that true rest allows the body to regenerate at cellular level, allows the organs and systems of the body time to rest and digest, and heal some, sharpening the axe so to speak!  Some are committed yogis whom, for one reason or another, are unable to practice asana anymore and just want to keep up a regular yoga practice, some come just because they are curious, enjoy a nurturing environment, and an opening in their week where they meet with themselves.  Others come because it brings a sense of calm to their feelings of anxiety, helps them sleep better at night, and overall brings a feeling of contentment back to life that has somehow been lost.  Some have made new friends and business connections, in our little community of local yogis.

These are all common results of connecting with ourselves.  When we connect with ourselves on the interior, the stuff on the exterior starts to flow more effortlessly.  Feelings of unhappiness and discontent emerge when we have lost that connection to our true selves.  

I want to be very clear here, I’m not saying practising yoga and meditation makes all your life’s worries and pain disappear.  It does not!  But even better than that, it offers us a new lens through which to observe what we experience. This lens, offers us MORE INFORMED CHOICE in how we respond to what emerges in life, because we are more in touch with ourselves, connected with our needs and values, and increasingly aware of what we can realistically choose for ourselves, offer life and others.  We become less robotic – operating on automatic, on learned behaviours and old patterns.  We begin operating on consciousmatic!

So when you hand me your money for your practices here at Pure-Li Yoga, I don’t then hand you the magic pill that makes feelings of unhappiness and discontent disappear, you don’t turn into a lycra clad pretzel figure, or suddenly feel all Zen (necessarily, although that zen one can happen & catch you by surprise!)

But you begin The Work that so many of the zombie nation will never even see, or recognize, going about their daily life on automatic, unaware of any purpose or choice, living solely on their instincts and conditioning, not engaging the gifts that Body and Being, as a Whole, offer us in order to thrive not just survive, in order to live a more connected life with nature, other humans and beyond, and perhaps most importantly, a life where suffering is not the only option. but absolutely optional.

And you will begin the courageous journey to KNOW THYSELF

The unexamined life is not worth living

– Socrates



At Pure-Li Yoga, the number of participants is relatively small, this is my preference as the guide, and it helps keep the atmosphere informal and friendly.  It also means that space is limited so do text me in time to hold your little nest, on 0405 132 432.

We still have the special offer of $30 if you attend both Restorative practices in one week – so this term that means – come Monday and Saturday and receive $10 discount financially, you will also gain in other ways – more familiarity and skill with the practice means the world will slowly but surely become a better place! 




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