Let me just start by saying that because of the doctors, scientists researchers and lawyers I have been following since April 2020, I knew that there was more than meets the eye to what was going on with this “pandemic”. I have shouldered the assumptions, name-calling and judgement, and the ‘friends’ who at best, disappeared, and at worst, turned against me. But I cannot choose hollow friendships over Truth, and that’s just how I am made. I am ok with that.

I believed the doctors who explained how the treatment in hospitals was what was killing many “Covid” patients – some of whom didn’t even have any symptoms to start with, but ended up in hospital and dead. The first doctor I heard explain this logically was Dr. Zach Bush back in May 2020. He explained how oxygen vents were killing thousands of people in NYC by causing pneumonia – because the lungs cannot absorb the amounts of oxygen being administered, it resulted in fluid forming and sitting on the lungs, becoming infected and the patients were actually dying from pneumonia – not a so-called virus called Covid. This made sense to me – he explained other things about the symptoms people were presenting with and he suggested trying other ways of treating the symptoms.

All doctors who questioned this singular oxygen, and wait-for-the-vaccine treatment, and who put forward alternative therapies were ridiculed, silenced and censored, and most of them were fired. People were told to go home! They were presenting with positive tests and were TOLD TO GO HOME AND COME BACK WHEN THEY WERE REALLY SICK!?!! Wtaf? What deadly virus is ever treated this way, go home, infect as many more people as you can, wait til your at death’s door, then come back?! I knew from listening to Dr.s Pierre Kory and Zev Zalenko that there was early treatment that was saving lives, they were using it and attesting to its success. It would have made the hotly anticipated multi-billion dollar making vaccine obsolete though.

Personally, it makes much more logical sense, that doctors who are presented with patients who are dying would try ANYTHING to save their lives – isn’t that their job? They have the training and education, they have taken an oath to do no harm, AND to try and save lives! THEY are the experts, not the policy makers, who say tell their patients to go home and sit on their hands waiting for Pharma to introduce an experimental vaccine, for which these patients are the guinea pigs!! It is just absurd. Ridiculous arguments about the alternative protocols not being peer-reviewed sprung up – I didn’t think in a deadly pandemic we would wait for the peer review process to try and save lives. That not only doesn’t make sense, it’s actually unethical.

I knew from listening to Bret Weinstein’s 3 hr interview with Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch, in the middle of last year (2021), that Remdesivir was a dangerous, expensive and ineffective treatment for Covid, and then was further educated by the research data on Remdesivir in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. The information in that book will break the hardest of hearts. What that man is responsible for beggars belief . Yes indeed, it is a most courageous read, not for those who prefer to keep their head firmly stuck in the ground.

Remdesivir is the drug that was administered by the hospital to my father.

I requested, could he be given Hydroxychloraquine, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D and was told no. (They gave him some packet Vitamin C to try and appease me. It didn’t.) And no. They wouldn’t administer those protocols. Donald Trump and the media politicised our health by blacklisting HCQ, no due process involved here, just sensationalism.

I requested could he be given Ivermectin and I was literally laughed at, down the line, at 3am in the morning on the phone to his doctor in Cork Hospital, Ireland. He genuinely was surprised I was requesting that drug for this sickness – he knew it only to treat worms in kids … and animals?? Or had he been reading the newspapers and propaganda?.

My dad didn’t have that sickness, he was sent to hospital because of lockdowns – he had a temperature and a tremor, and was advised by the local doctor by phone – because the clinic was closed – to go to the hospital. He was also diabetic, so ya know … he could have been having a response to that sickness. But panic won.

An ambulance came for him and he never came home. For more than a week he tested negative. But they kept him in when there was nothing wrong with him. Until he finally became ill in there. Of course there is more to the story, but this post isn’t about that, it’s to try and help others.

Suffice it to say that it is CRIMINAL what happened to him and what was ALLOWED to happen to him.






The medical consensus is that Covid doesn’t kill, it’s the response in your body to whatever Covid is, that kills. It’s the inflammation of the organs that kills. And WHAT is in that supposed “vaccine” – that doesn’t stop transmission or stop people from getting sick?? That’s another story all in itself. All of it is too huge, with too much nuance to go into here.

For now I just want you to see what this doctor has to say, and then you can make up your own mind what to do with that information. Please stay polite, and respectful if you have something to say about it.

If you have loved ones who are being given this drug, I urge you to watch this documentary and learn what is being kept from you. It literally could save lives .

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