Other Expert Doctors: Why Are They Being Censored, Silenced and Fired?

Just too many questions and stories going unanswered by those making dictates about our health.

If what these doctors and experts are saying in this video is not true, then there is no need for silencing and censorship? Banned from Youtube and Facebook. I have been shadow banned on Instagram and probably Facebook too for posting alernative narrative.

Surely the Truth stands up for itself – instead of silencing and firing other experts, why don’t those making dictates simply show evidence for the decisions they are making for all people, decisions and dictates that are damaging and taking lives all around the globe? Why don’t they publicly debate those questioning their actions and motives? What have they possibly got to hide – or lose – by doing so?

Everything we are doing is because of fear, being inflicted and inflated by the media. There is no reasonable and fair public debate, these experts are not given the unbiased airtime to match the storytellers and narrative that is our incessant and daily diet in mainstream media. It is classic brainwashing and fear-mongering.

Lockdowns are killing people all over the world and causing serious mental illness and generational trauma, not to mention the fact that people are STARVING to death due to food shortages and the ill-effects on the income of many, this is only going to get worse!

Listen. Just expose yourself if you are not already familiar, to what other experts have to say. How can anyone follow current dangerous and/or ignorant dictates that are simply KILLING people, WAY MORE people than the syndrome of symptoms is.

The evidence is becoming harder and harder for them to suppress.



And if you’re hungry for more hushed up information . . .

Here’s a little extra, for those of you curious to become familiar with more science – why were the CDC so desperate to get a patent on Sars-CoV-2 ?

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