Restorative Yoga 1

This is a practice of supported yoga asana (postures) – using props like bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps, where we hold the positions for a length of time.  It is a preparation practice for the Restorative Yoga practice offered, for those newer to being still in silence for any length of time.  In this practice, I share some techniques in how to train and support yourself in a silent still practice, whereas in the Restorative Yoga Practice, there is hardly any talking once you are safely in the pose.

Music, and sometimes poetry, inspiring speeches, and mostly just me introducing some of the many elements of yoga philosophy will be an element to the practice.

It is a deeply restful and meditative style of YOGA, where we interweave practices to help cope with life’s challenges, such as anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights to name a few.

This Practice Is Perfect For:

ॐ Those who have injuries, illness or mobility restrictions and whom still want to enjoy a practice of YOGA and MEDITATION

ॐ Those who want to add balance to the YANG of their life and/or their yoga practice by spending time cultivating the YIN

ॐ  Those who are interested in learning techniques that can help bring the bodily systems back into the parasympathetic nervous system, where the body and mind are in a soothed and calm state, making space for healing, regeneration, and peace of mind.  Techniques that are particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety, stress and insomnia.

ॐ Those who would like to carve out some time in their week for stillness, for some peace, and some deep physiological rest.  This practice provides the space and means for reconnecting with Self, works to cultivate the witnessing mind, and with regularity promotes feelings of wellbeing, resilience and inner strength.

Those who are getting bound up by the busyness of their calendar, their mind, their life … this practice shows you how making space, funnily enough, can make you feel more spacious!!  Les tense, less stressed, and less bothered by the irritants and stimulants that always seem to be present!  This is a practice where we learn to live in contentment, not by trying to block these irritants out, but actually by incorporating them into the mix.  Welcoming all that is present in our experience.

ॐ Those who have tried meditation and said they ‘couldn’t do it’, or ‘it didn’t work’!  A regular practice of DEEP REST YOGA will banish such statements from you vocabulary!