10 Class Pass

$200.00 $185.00

Buy a 10 practice pass and save $15!

So you want to really commit to your practice, this is a gentle way in – you are paying up front for at least one practice per week, plus two extra practices for extra treats.

You can use the 10 practices at any of the scheduled times, and you can do as many classes in one week as you like but you must use it up within the 8 week term.  

Try some Restorative Yoga and balance it out with the more active style at the Gentle Hatha practice.  Or you might like to learn some breathing practices (Pranayama and Meditation) to help you deal with overwhelm, anxiety or sleeplessness, and cultivate a new or already existing meditation practice.

The important thing is to try everything!!  Otherwise you could be missing out on that special something to accompany you through life, which could be the key to what makes it a little bit easier to get through the challenging times, and all in the comfort of your very own community!


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