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10.30am – 12.30pm

Space is limited, so I recommend booking soon to avoid disappointment.


Restorative Yoga is back next week with a morning retreat into Deep Rest …
Come along for 2 hours of surrender into blissful comfort, breathing exercises to calm the nervous system, meditation to check in with Self and see where we’re at, and deep physiological rest in positions of comfort and ease supported by all my delicious yoga props, with the ol’ special head and neck tuck by me to create the perfect container for you to just be you for a while!  Leave your phone and watch by the door, and let life go on without you for two hours, while you recharge the batteries.
It is a well known fact by now, that we must fill our own cup first, before we can attempt to pour from it …
This offering is suitable to all body types and levels of fitness and flexibility – you will be lying on the floor supported by bolsters and cushions for the most part.
Perfect for those who are:
♥  craving some rest
♥  having sleep issues
♥  recovering from illness
♥  experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms
♥  experiencing stress and life’s challenges
♥  seeking connection – to Self and/or community
♥  interested in deepening their spiritual practice / connection to Self
♥  interested in sampling a real Restorative Yoga session
♥  wanting to experience a real break without having to pack up and leave town!

Please wear comfortable clothing that covers your limbs – ie. t-shirts and track pants or leggings – NO SINGLETS for hygiene reasons.


I provide everything required, so all you need to do is show up – simples! 🙂
If you have any questions, feel free to TEXT me on 0405 132 432 and I will reply.
Refund policy:  As the practice goes ahead off the back of bookings, there is no refund if you cannot attend but you can send someone in your place, as long as you let me know beforehand.  Thank you for understanding, there is A LOT of prep work that goes into each practice in the setting up.