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Enjoy the convenience of a drop in class, which works well for those who can’t commit to a regular practice just now.  Just purchase your spot here and then send me a text message on 0405 132 432, to confirm your name and details.



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. . .  if  you’re not yet ready to commit to your yoga practice, or feel you won’t be able to get to 6 practices within an 8 week period.


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  1. Lila

    I came to yoga really quite late in life. One should never regret what you do, only what you don’t do, but I wish someone had lead me down the right path earlier on.

    Seeking relief due to the stress of work and life (my career is in advertising and the pressures are high), I’d heard that Pure-Li Yoga was gentle, restorative and nurturing. I didn’t really have any idea what that meant in context, but there was much to be learned.

    Even after the first lesson with Lise, I knew she was the most kind, gentle soul. Could be that beautiful Irish brogue, but I feel it goes a lot, lot deeper than that. The best yoga teachers like anything, are born, not made. She was born to give. The word passion is overused, but it really is her life, her love.

    The amazing feeling of well being and calm even after the first class was life-changing. Possibly I was just ready to listen and accept, but I think its mostly about being lead, and Lise is the girl to do that.

    The years of experience Lise has to offer on and off the mat, build to giving the most wonderful experience. I can think of anybody that wouldn’t benefit from connecting with her. She is informed and educated in the world of yoga and meditation, and I doubt I would be the same person I am today without it.
    Thank you Lise.


    Jax Greening
    Design and Advertising Director

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