TWT Deal!

$480.00 $160.00

The TWT Deal is a knockout bargain for those of you wanting to take your yoga practice seriously!

TWT stands for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and offers you the opportunity to attend the three open practices on these days for just $160 over the 8 week term!

These practices are focused on asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation practice.

That works out at $6.66 per practice if you attend all three in a week, or $10 per practice if you attend two in a week, or if something happens and you only make it to one practice in a week, you are still paying the standard price of a drop in practice which is $20.  Win Win WINNN!

This offer is for people who want to really gain the benefits of a yoga asana practice – once a week is grand to start off with, and it’s certainly better than nothing, but to really feel the benefits, you need to be practising much more regularly, I would say at least three times a week – what happens is the more you do, the more you want to do. 

Some of you are pretty good at practising at home, and well done if that’s you!  And others prefer the incentive and sense of community a group practice holds.

I’m not one for the hard sell or the stupid big promises, but I would be very surprised if using this TWT Deal didn’t change your life!  Come along and give it a go, and let me know at the end of the term if I’m right or wrong!

Everything starts to improve when you become more committed to your yoga practice – because it works on many levels, yoga enhances the senses, you begin to notice the little things and that brings so much joy!  Yoga also enhances wellbeing, mood, mental & physical health, body strength, focus, quality of sleep, personal growth, mind expansion, self-awareness, balance, happiness, and on and on and on it goes!

We have a gorgeous studio here in the heart of Clunes, a warm and friendly group of yogis.  Pure-Li Yoga is a school that offers courses, drop in practices, workshops and events, designed to expand your knowledge and understanding of all things yoga and meditation, with an emphasis on warmth, friendliness and FUN!  

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This is essentially a THREE FOR ONE offer, where your three yoga practices a week will only cost $20 each week!

A regular drop in practice is $20 per practice. But by paying up front for 8 weeks, it is possible for me to offer this big saving.

So this is an incentive deal, to help you cultivate a more committed practice, where you will see so many improvements and rewards to both your practice and to life!

Terms and Conditions:

Full payment is required in advance to secure the special offer

  1. As this is an incentive offer, it is up to you to make the most of the deal. The practices only go ahead off the back of bookings in advance of term commencement, so that means that regrettably, no refunds (or credits) will be offered for those who do not make the most of the deal.
  2. In the event of you missing any or all of the TWT practices, there is strictly no class swaps for Restorative Yoga or other practices.
  3. Pure-Li Yoga may need to cancel or change the dates of a practice or a part of a practice, if a cancellation on our behalf occurs, you will receive a credit to be applied to the rescheduled practice, or a refund for any rescheduled sessions that you are unable to attend.
  4. Unfortunately Pure-Li Yoga cannot offer a replacement day if you miss a day/days during the term.
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