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No one has ever become poor by giving.

– Anne Frank


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Maybe someone you care about would love to have the gift of yoga, meditation and deep relaxation . . .

…. or maybe you love yoga, and you’d like to share it with someone!

Maybe you know someone who is exhausted, or worn out, or works a bit too hard, and you’d like them to experience a little quality time for themselves.  A space where they don’t have to DO anything, or BE anyone, they can just practice the art of completely relaxing …

Or maybe you know someone who has been meaning to start yoga and meditation but ‘just haven’t got round to it yet’!

It could be that someone you care about likes to get a practical gift, or is looking to get out of the house and into the community more, or has an interest in well-being and self nurturing … or just needs a little!

A Pure-Li Yoga gift voucher is a way of saying you care, you see their needs, and you love to help.

You can buy the vouchers in multiples of $10 – buy one or many, to make the desired total.

If you like, just drop me an email or text after you’ve made your purchase, and I can make up a pretty email notification for the lucky recipient, notifying them of their voucher – or if you prefer I can make it up and send it to you, and then you can send it to the lucky recipient.










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  1. Lila

    I am so glad I found Lise’s class! I was looking to find a class that was gentle and worked within my needs. I didn’t want to attend a yoga class where we had to be pressured into getting into pretzel shapes and plank poses on one finger. Lise’s class is gentle and nurturing and she is wonderful at creating an environment that suits her students no matter what their level of yoga. I felt very relaxed and at peace after her class and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a deeper yoga experience and one that is highly beneficial for the mind and the body but not focused on flexibility or perfection.

    Lee Holmes

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