Lavender Eye Pillow


Some reasons to use an eye pillow:

• To help relax your tired eyes

• To promote relaxing sleep

• To help reduce eye puffiness

• To help calm your facial muscles and nervous system

• To refresh your mind

• To alleviate the pain tension of headaches, migraines, and eyestrain

• To alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety

• To enhance your physical, mental, and spiritual balance


These gorgeous, locally handmade, lavender eye pillows are made from 100% sateen cotton and come with a removable washable cover.
Inside is organic rice and buckwheat and locally picked lavender.

Eye pillows are an instant way to revive the body and mind.  In our Restorative Yoga practices here, I use these as an important factor in helping people reach deep relaxation and surrender.  The gentle weight on the bones around the eyes triggers a nervous system response that is calming and relaxing, and of course the lavender scent also encourages this.  Give your eyes a break from the screens with one of these precious beauty bags!

They also make the perfect gift, ideal for the person who has everything!