Pure-Li Yoga 6 Week Introduction Course


Early Bird Special $110 ends soon 

There are limited places in the Yoga Pavillion so book early to avoid disappointment!

This 6 week course is an incentive deal, where you pay up front, which acts as an incentive for all of us to show up!  And it works!!  

Commences:     Tuesday March 24th 2020 

Time:                  10am – 11.30am

Venue:                Pure-Li Yoga, Booyong Road,

                               Just off Main St., Clunes.

Concludes:       Tuesday 28th April 2020

All mats, yoga props and spring water provided.

Required to bring:  An open and curious mind, a smile for your fellow practitioners and a sense of humour.

Please read the description, terms and conditions below, and text me, if you’d like to ask any questions about this incentive deal, on 0405 132 432

Also Note: There is a minimum number of people required to book before the course goes ahead, if that number is not reached, if you have booked, you will receive a refund.  So dont forget to invite along a friend!


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A six week course introducing you to Pure-Li Yoga.

We will practice Pranayama (breath control practices), Meditation and Yoga Asana (postures).

The intention of this practice is to build overall awareness, increase flexibility of the mind, strength in the body, and calm in the heart – an introduction to create stability of our constitution as whole, or at least the means to find this stability.

The pranayama we will practice teaches us ways to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind, balance the left and right side of the brain and so bring the body, mind and soul into harmony. It cleanses the subtle energy channels that run through the body, and brings about a sense of groundedness and equanimity.

The Meditation we will practice will teach us how it feels to carve out quiet time in stillness.  Helping us cultivate the ability to become the observer of who we truly are, how we think, act and react, and provide space to begin to see how we can instead choose to respond rather than react.

The Asana we practice, teaches us the gift of interoception as well as proprioception, focus, balance and all-over body strengthening and conditioning.  You do not have to have any experience, and you do not have to be already flexible!!! An intelligent, gentle and dynamic practice, it provides variations and options allowing you to choose what is right for your body, and in turn cultivate self-awareness, empowerment and agency for each individual practitioner.

There is a lot of instruction and the groups are small, so I can keep an eye on all students. This is important as my role is to teach people, not poses. So once we are established, I will tailor the practice to the group.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our very special space here at Pure-Li Yoga in Clunes.


  1. As this is an incentive offer, it is up to you to make the most of the deal. The practices only go ahead off the back of bookings in advance of term commencement, so that means that regrettably, no refunds (or credits) will be offered for those who do not make the most of the deal.
  2. In the event of you missing any or all of the practices, there is strictly no class swaps for Restorative Yoga. You could discuss with Lise the possibility of joining an early morning practice instead, but this will strictly depend on if there is enough space in the room on the day.
  3. Pure-Li Yoga may need to cancel or change the dates of a practice or a part of a practice, if a cancellation on our behalf occurs, you will receive a credit to be applied to the rescheduled practice, or a refund for any rescheduled sessions that you are unable to attend.
  4. Unfortunately Pure-Li Yoga cannot offer a replacement day if you miss a day/days during the term. (see 2.)
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  1. Lila

    I attend 2 classes per week with Lise. Every time I walk into the beautiful space she has so carefully created for her students I have an immediate sense of being in a safe space where I can focus on my practice and be cared for. The restorative class on Saturday mornings is the very best way to cast off the week of work and set the tone for the weekend. The work Lise does to nurture and support you in the poses of this class is extraordinary. I am so grateful and happy to have yoga centre like this in my neighbourhood.
    Moira McDade, Business Owner, Management Consulting

  2. Lila

    Holy Yogi! I can do this!!
    For years I resisted yoga after I was told it wouldn’t be great for my lower back issues, plus I was always so scared that I’d be in a room full of pro yogi’s and I’d just feel clunky and stupid.
    I couldn’t have been more wrong. These small, fun, flowing Hatha classes have given me a strength I never knew I had.
    After only four weeks I can already feel the difference in my body and I’m just moving with more grace.
    Lise’s instruction makes me feel safe and I feel like I’m becoming a wee little yogi myself. I’m so so grateful I found you Lise and yes, I’m hooked.
    Dana Eager, Graphic Designer/Business Owner

  3. Lila

    When I started yoga nine years ago, I used it as a last resort as none of the other methods of exercise helped me with my fitness or weight loss goals. Two classes in, I was addicted. Yoga is so many things to me today –
    it is Physical : the asanas help you build muscles, tones your body, and keeps you fit and flexible
    it is Technical: it teaches you simple things like how to sit or stand correctly, to strengthen your body from the inside without injury
    it is Mental: the breathing techniques calms you down, makes you appreciate your surroundings
    it is Therapeutic: unlike in a gym, you do not have to push your body, you can work with its different needs each day.
    and above all it is Spiritual: it teaches you humility, grace, stillness, and keeps you grounded

    Lise at Pure-Li Yoga helps you achieve all of the above in her fun filled class. She is kind, gentle and a very understanding teacher. She takes the time to understand your needs, helps you appreciate your body and teaches you techniques to achieve your goals. It has been a great journey with her where some days my body surprises me, other days I can let it be without judging or being judged. With it’s beautiful surrounds and glorious Sunrise views, her studio is very inviting and calming, adding to an all round yoga experience. Give it a go, you will LOVE it!

    Flevy Crasto, Business Manager, NSW Health

  4. Lila

    After many months of procrastination, meeting Lise has provided the perfect opportunity to get back into yoga. Her small group classes allow personalised attention and adjustments, creating for me an ideal reintroduction to safe yoga practice. Lise creates a beautiful, comfortable space and a welcoming and supportive environment to practice in. Her extensive training and passion for the yogini lifestyle is generously shared through her expert guidance and snippets of shared wisdom. Lise’s lightheartedness, cheeky humour and beautiful smile makes everyone feel relaxed and at ease.”
    Kelly Evans, Academic Skills Lecturer

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