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The Beginners Course is an 8 week programme, designed to introduce you to the concepts of yoga.

w e     w i l l     w o r k     w i t h

  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Meditation practice

   . . . with particles of Yoga Philosophy floating around, helping you to understand how the common mistaken beliefs such as “I’m not flexible enough for yoga” and “I’ll start when I’m fitter”, and “I’m not insert adjective enough” are holding you back from feeling more free in your life, because YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE, and it’s a beautiful journey!

This course is ideal for those of you who are completely new to yoga, as well as those who would like to re-visit the basics and brush-up on the foundations. Paradoxically, more advanced yogis, bring the ‘Beginners Mind’ to each moment, so the offering will also benefit more practiced yogis, and honestly, anyone who just wants to feel good more often!

Starting on Tuesday March 19th  6.30pm – 8pm


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Yoga Is For Everyone . . .

Youngies n oldies, fatties n thinnies, flexies n stiffies stiff people 👀

Obviously this course won’t be for everyone – if you are in pain or badly injured, perhaps Saturday’s Restorative Yoga is a better style for you for now, but it is still true that yoga is for everyone.

Because Yoga is a way of life, a lens through which we view life, a philosophy, as well as a pile of practices.  It’s an ancient wisdom, with many, many branches, and at it’s essence it is about how to reduce suffering, and get the most out of this life.

In this course . . .

. . . we will be taking a new posture or set of postures each week, and explaining them in some detail giving you a chance to practice how your body holds each posture, and embody the sensations that go with it.  We will practice a breathing technique, that helps us to feel grounded and calm, and we’ll look at the practice of meditation and include it as part of the whole practice.

Each week we will practice the poses from the week before, so that by week 8, you are familiar and rehearsed in them, and our final practice will be a silent one, where we gently flow through what we have learned, with a sense of meditative ease and also FUN!

There will be opportunity for questions, musings, and observations, and the atmosphere will be warm, friendly and light-hearted.  

Can’t wait to get sharing with you!

Terms and Conditions:

Full payment is required in advance to secure your place in a Pure-Li Yoga course.

In the event that you cannot attend the course you will receive:

  1. 100% refund for cancellations outside seven days of the course commencing.
  2. 50% refund for cancellations received within the week (inclusive) of the course.
  3. Regrettably, no refunds (or credits) will be offered for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the course.
  4. Pure-Li Yoga may need to cancel or change the dates of a course or a part of a course, if a cancellation on our behalf occurs, you will receive a credit to be applied to the rescheduled part of the course, or a refund for any rescheduled sessions that you are unable to attend.
  5. Unfortunately Pure-Li Yoga cannot offer a replacement day if you miss a day/days during the course.
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