Yoga Book Club


Our First Book Club Begins Thursday July 16th 2020, 7am-8am.

Would you like to learn something new?

Would you like to be a student of Yoga even if you currently have an injury illness or are not able to practice yoga postures?

Would you like to bond with community?

Would you like to catch up with friends, meet new people, or even a mix of these.

If so, our Yoga Book Club may be for you.


Each term at Yoga Book Club, we will take a book, and together in our group, read it and discuss it.

This will be a very relaxed environment, with a free form structure – nothing serious or stuffy!

We will make a cup of tea and sit comfortably, we may do a little meditation or breathing to begin.

The idea is to read the book in our gathering, so it is not required that you necessarily read it at home as well, but the book is yours to take with you so you may if you wish!  So just to reiterate, there is no requirement for you to read the book before the term commences!

If you are part of Yoga Club the book will be included in your membership, if you are just coming to Book Club, I may have copies left you can buy – text me on 0405 132 432 to check, otherwise you can bring a copy with you.

The books that we will read may or may not have a direct link to Yoga in title, but will be chosen because of their insights and/or practices that complement our Yoga practice, and our life skills!

The intention is to create a welcoming, relaxed and friendly space to learn more and have some fun doing it, maybe a place to meet and connect with people in our community.

As I am passionate about other elements of Yoga than just postures, which most people associate as Yoga – not realising there is so much more to it than that, I want to 

  1. offer Yoga in other forms for those whom are unable to practice the postures, for whatever reason, but are still interested in Yoga and in connecting with our community, 
  2. read and discuss books and their concepts and relate them to Yoga in every day life.  Our Yoga practice doesn’t end when we roll up our mats, that is just the beginning!

To start our day with some sweet connection to self and others, a warm cup of tea and a laugh, and a lot of wisdom, sure how could we improve on that?!  Oh ok you can bring some homemade muffins to have with your tea if you like!!

Sometimes we have great intentions to do things like Yoga, learn meditation, and read books that expand our perspective in life, and we just never get around to it!  

I feel for some of us, there is more incentive to do so if we are part a group – having a set day and time helps us commit, and hopefully making it relaxed and friendly will be encouraging and welcoming too!

The Book Club is on straight after Silent Flow practice ends on Thursdays at 7am finishing at 8am.

I’m so excited about our first book, and will be revealing the title soon! 


In stock


Terms and Conditions:

Please note: Full payment for your 8 Book Club Sessions is required in advance to join Yoga Club

  1. As this is an incentive offer, it is up to you to make the most of the deal. The practices only go ahead off the back of bookings in advance of term commencement, so that means that regrettably, no refunds (or credits) will be offered for those who do not make the most of the deal.
  2. In the event of you missing any or all of the Book Club practices, there is strictly no class swaps for Restorative Yoga or other practices outside of the sessions detailed in the deal.
  3. Pure-Li Yoga may need to cancel or change the dates of a practice or a part of a practice, if a cancellation on our behalf occurs, you will receive a credit to be applied to the rescheduled practice, or a refund for any rescheduled sessions that you are unable to attend.
  4. Unfortunately Pure-Li Yoga cannot offer a replacement day if you miss a day/days during the term.
  5.  If NSW decides another lockdown is necessary, your remaining sessions will either be put on hold to resume after lockdown ends, OR you will be issued a partial refund.  The decision and amount, will be decided at the time of lockdown and discretionary on Lise’s part.

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