Restoration in 45 Minutes?!

Thursday nights at Pure-Li Yoga offer you the chance to enjoy an iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation practice.

Depending on what time of the year/term you are coming, this can mean anything from a simple guided meditation, introducing aspects of iRest, to an Autogenics meditation, to a simple Yoga Nidra to a full blown iRest Yoga Nidra!  So come along and try it out – whichever one we are doing, the intention, purpose and results are effectively very similar – quite simply you experience DEEP RELAXATION AND RESTORATION. 

And it doesn’t matter what part of the term you come in – there is nothing you need to do, other than commit to being as still and quiet as you can in the practice!  You don’t need to know how ‘do’ yoga, or know ‘how to meditate’.  This practice is for EVERYONE, from people with inflexibility, injuries or impediments, that might inhibit a regular yoga practice, to those who enjoy a very active lifestyle / yoga, from the young and impetuous to the older and wiser amongst us.  And it’s a lovely way to get to know each other in our lovely little community in Clunes,  and co-create a spirit of wellbeing together!

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation has been the subject of many research studies, and has proven to improve disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia amongst others.  There are few of us nowadays who don’t experience some level of anxiety, whether its a troubled sleeping pattern or a propensity to over-worrying, or an A.D.D. of some kind.  Mental health is something we all need to be aware of and take good care of, and these practices I’m sharing with you, are ways of keeping such issues our ‘friends’, so that we can live a thriving life WITH them, as opposed to struggling to thrive because we are suffering FROM them.

This can be a practice of  TRUE SELF-CARE where were make time to compassionately witness and observe who we are, so that with practice, we start living a life that feels less constricting, and we walk out to meet life past our self-imposed unhelpful boundaries, and discover a freedom that can become our work in motion!  It’s an ongoing sort of affair, limitless if you like!

Real self-care is not about taking ourselves away from ourselves, or in someway trying to escape ourselves, our emotions, or the reality of our situations.  

True self-care is a practice, and varied practices, that take us a little more deeply inside ourselves, so that we can see the truth we need to see, in order to live our best lives.  Many of us, don’t want to face that, IT”S SCARY sometimes, but as the great teacher Pema Chödrön says, ‘nothing ever goes away, until it has taught us what we need to know’.   THAT’S why the same shit keeps reappearing over and over again in our lives!

So are we willing to endure the pain of being stuck in an unhelpful, and often damaging cycle, or take a chance and be open to the pain of growth?  We all have that choice.

If you are someone who finds yourself coming up against a similar situation, over and over again, or find yourself repeating yourself to deaf ears and getting nowhere but upset by it over and over again, or having the same argument with your partner over and over again, you might just decide to try this practice as a means to access something more profound within you, by offering it the space and time to be heard.  This is where the magic begins to happen.   And when I say that, I don’t mean the magic happens when I ring the bells at the end of practice, or once you hand over your $10!  It’s WORK, it’s a commitment to a process, not a short term goal, it’s either calling you or it’s not.  If you’re slightly curious, or there’s something peaking your interest, how many excuses are you going to let stand in your way of 45 minutes of – if nothing else – a nice time lying down doing nothing in a safe place?!!!  And maybe that’s ALL you need to come for, SOME TRUE PHYSIOLOGICAL REST!   Who is NOT going to benefit from that?  Seriously?  

Yeah!  All you have to do is show up, lie down, and see what happens!  In this practice, I guide you so that the mind has something to focus on, worry not – it is really helpful for busy minds.

All you need to bring, is a clean body (no perfumes please) and an open mind . . .  mats, props, blankets and a clean, toasty warm space are provided, so that you can settle down in comfort and ease, and allow yourself to truly rest, relax and try this style of meditation.

It’s still only $10 for this practice!

So come along and try it out before the special offer runs out!  You can purchase it online HERE, or bring it along on the night …  We will finish promptly by 5.45pm in time to grab a table at Clunes Pizza Night! 🙂


If you’d like to try it, the only way to book is to please TEXT ME on 0405 132 432 to hold your spot, as places are limited.  Even if you pay online, please pop me a text as well, just to confirm, as the slow local internet sometimes means I might not get your email without a delay!  So text is best to avoid awkward disappointments!

Looking forward to meeting you, and creating a special space for you here at Pure-Li Yoga!


Li. xo

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