Surprise Yoga at Pure-Li Yoga

Surprise Yoga is my answer to the void!

For so many years now, I have been passionate about there being so much more to YOGA than (asana) postures.

But it’s not easy to slip the other elements into an asana practice – not in a way that helps students and seekers understand the depths that the teachings have to offer. And unfortunately we have done YOGA a disservice, because mostly the entire world thinks that YOGA is some kind of exercise!

Surprise Yoga was a lil brainwave I had at the beginning of this term – where I would offer one whole practice session (60 mins) to touching on some of the other elements of YOGA – not just asana.

When I say a brain-wave, what I really mean is I found a way to make it ‘ok’ for me to devote time and energy to solely sharing this stuff, which – I might add – I am still learning, inquiring into, and sort of realising myself. For years, I have deliberated, debated, dithered and delayed bringing these teachings and offerings to whomsoever out there might find it interesting. It is so vast, often confusing and mostly ineffable, so how could I ‘teach’ it?! Especially when I don’t have all the answers to all the questions!!

But the time is now for me, because I have the space here, I am physically here, I have the time, and a voice inside me says it would be irresponsible and untrue to my dharma not to bring this stuff out! So there!

Plus, now I have truly realised that the juice is as often in the unknowing as it is in the knowing. Most of the teachings are paradoxes. When I began learning about Yoga, I found this infuriating!!! My mind was like a trap that wanted to get the right answer and know exactly what was what, it was so binary it makes me chuckle when I look back at that me!! I was suffering!!

Now that I have accepted, that with these expansive and ancient teachings, I will never in this lifetime know all there is to know about it (and anything!), I am liberated from the clinging need to having the right answers, I am free and delighted to share as much as I know so far, and thrilled by how much I learn from you whom join in, So it’s this fabulous ongoing dedication and devotion to the process of keeping fresh and staying curious about what quite simply, helps me suffer less on a day to day basis, and to generate good karma.

If it helps me and it helps you, then in turn it will help all those around us, and those around them, and so on, and so on!

You actually can be doing Yoga all day and never step on a Yoga mat or form your body into a pose! Yes, indeed you can!

Not everybody feels drawn to Yoga asana, for one reason or another, and perhaps some are limited because of physical or perceived limitations. Asana is just one part of a gigantic and ancient system of Wisdom, so it is important to me as a Yoga Guide, that I try to open that up for people.

A Little Grab From My Instagram Stories @pureliyoga – sorry about the flickering image – just wanted to give you a taste of what surprises might be in store – press play, close your eyes, and listen in!

So far we have had an evening of deep relaxation and self-inquiry with an iRest® Yoga Nidra Practice, a Kirtan evening of live music, chanting and hot cacao, and lots of interactive discussions touching on the Philosophy of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras (my favourite growth spurt!). With this massive philosophy and the many practices relating to YOGA, and because I have ideas and plans for the upcoming Surprise Yoga practices within this term, I don’t see it ending as an offering in coming terms, as there is SO MUCH to share and look at it actually feels almost negligent for me, not to be offering a taste of these other sides to YOGA. I’m excited to see how its going to play out!

Come along on Thursday mornings from 7-8am, for a surprise practice – maybe meditation, may a Restorative Yoga, maybe an iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation, or perhaps a light breakfast of fruit and herbal teas with an informal, friendly sharing of elements I have learned, and gorgeous input and insights from the attendees as well. You can book your spot online HERE and by texting me on 0405 132 432 to confirm.

Also, please don’t hesitate to text me if you want to know more or have any enquiries at all about it. See you on the Moroccan cushions!! ☺️

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