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Clunes Yoga Club at Pure-Li Yoga

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR MEMBERSHIP Welcome to Yoga Club! This term we are spicing things up a little to keep ourselves warmed as we move into

Mental Rehearsal

So the other night, I made a reference in our Beginners Yoga Course, to a technique with which I’m familiar, blindly assuming everyone knew what

New Term at Pure-Li Yoga

This term, August 3rd – September 13th 2018, I am offering Restorative Yoga twice a week. On Mondays, is Restorative Yoga 1, which is a beginners style

Doing The Work

Karla McLaren’s work is deeply insightful and practical, it has had a positive and super helpful approach to my work and my life and I

Bhramari Breathing

This term at Pure-Li Yoga we are working with Bhramari breathing as our Pranayama practice. It seems it is something that at first, students are