Testimonials for Pure-Li Yoga

“I came to Lise overworked, exhausted and with a range of symptoms…
Lise took the time to listen to what I was experiencing. Instead of giving me a standard ‘lip service’ type  response, she went away and researched my specific symptoms & challenges and worked out specific yoga initiatives that were tailored to my needs.
She also printed out some reading material for me, so that I could understand the logic behind it.
It wasn’t yoga alone but a more holistic (both traditional & mainstream) approach to wellness that I feel I’m on the road to recovery.
Lise is kind, compassionate, dedicated to her clients and makes her classes uplifting and fun.
Looking forward to our next yogini encounter!!”

Wendy Colaço,
Director, Head of Consulting, Senior Business Transformation Manager.

“I returned to yoga after too long, when I saw Pure-Li Yoga classes advertised at St Michael’s. One lesson with Lise and I was hooked. Long days, working under time pressure became more balanced. I love Lise’s descriptive and gentle instructions, always keeping me focused and relaxed during practice. By the time end of class shivasana arrives I can truly feel the ‘bliss’! Thank you Lise, you are an incredible teacher and special person.”

Gaye Murray, Freelance Instructional Designer

“I am so glad I found Lise’s class!  I was looking to find a class that was gentle and worked within my needs.  I didn’t want to attend a yoga class where we had to be pressured into getting into pretzel shapes and plank poses on one finger.  Lise’s class is gentle and nurturing and she is wonderful at creating an environment that suits her students no matter what their level of yoga. I felt very relaxed and at peace after her class and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a deeper yoga experience and one that is highly beneficial for the mind and the body but not focused on flexibility or perfection.”

Lee Holmes, Author  www.superchargedfood.com

“Lise creates a wonderful, safe place for her inspirational yoga classes. My week is not complete without it.”

 Hilarie Dunn,  Journalist

“I came to yoga really quite late in life. One should never regret what you do, only what you don’t do, but I wish someone had lead me down the right path earlier on.

Seeking relief due to the stress of work and life (my career is in advertising and the pressures are high), I’d heard that Pure-Li Yoga was gentle, restorative and nurturing. I didn’t really have any idea what that meant in context, but there was much to be learned.

Even after the first lesson with Lise, I knew she was the most kind, gentle soul. Could be that beautiful Irish brogue, but I feel it goes a lot, lot deeper than that. The best yoga teachers like anything, are born, not made. She was born to give. The word passion is overused, but it really is her life, her love.

The amazing feeling of well being and calm even after the first class was life-changing. Possibly I was just ready to listen and accept, but I think its mostly about being lead, and Lise is the girl to do that.

The years of experience Lise has to offer on and off the mat, build to giving the most wonderful experience. I can think of anybody that wouldn’t benefit from connecting with her. She is informed and educated in the world of yoga and meditation, and I doubt I would be the same person I am today without it.

Thank you Lise.


Jax Greening, Design and Advertising Director

“Lise’s Yin Yoga classes have provided me with a safe and supportive practise to help me retract my focus back to listening to my whole self again from the inside out. I remind myself each class of the importance of balance in my day to day life. Ive found it incredibly complimentary of the more active yoga types, teaching me the art of passive activity.

Lise brings to her classes a committed and integrated understanding of what she teaches, encouraging her participants to find this within themselves if they choose. Each class is different from the next with the fundamental emphasis each time on self-awareness. “

Zoe Cooper,  Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Therapist

“I started with the classes at Saint Michael’s and was overjoyed to see that Lise practiced the “Yoga Synergy” style yoga, which I love.

I tried a few classes closer to home and they didn’t suit me, or parking was difficult and it was always hard to find a spot in the room, especially with popular classes. At one class nearby I was encouraged to do a shoulder-stand, in which hurt my neck.

I started yoga again with Lise’s classes on a Wednesday night and a Saturday morning.

Lise’s class was smaller and I felt very comfortable in the environment that she created, in the bigger classes I always felt my own ‘self-inflicted’ pressure to push myself further, which wasn’t always a good idea.

In the classes, we would practice breathing, all the poses and the relaxation at the end.

Lise has a great sense of humour, which is sometimes needed when you can’t quite do those tricky poses; and she communicates very well. I have to say she has been the best teacher I have had in this respect, as her description of poses helps me to perfect them.

I really enjoy the inspirational messages Lise reads during relaxation as well.

I have been having classes with Lise, at my home, with my family and friends and look forward to them every week.”

Christine Penklis, Teacher

“I started taking Lise’s Yin Yoga class at Yoga Synergy studio in Bondi Junction Sydney, and quickly became hooked.

I learned so many great relaxation and breathing techniques from her and started telling my friends and family about the great effect this class was having on my stress levels.

I convinced my friend Sally to try the class and she became hooked as well.  This class became the highlight of our week and we were very sad when Lise moved north.”

Jeanette Kriletich, Travel Consultant & Guide,  Travel Logistics Pty Ltd.


“A friend recommended Lise’s Yin Yoga class to me and I just loved it.  Thursday lunch time was the highlight of my week and now I hate Thursdays as Lise moved away!

I found it so relaxing and was loving it, but when things got tricky in my life emotionally, I really relied on this time of rest and peace and felt rejuvenated by the end of the class, as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

Come back Lise!”

Sally Wilson, Business Owner,  Travel Logistics Pty Ltd.

After many months of procrastination, meeting Lise has provided the perfect opportunity to get back into yoga.  Her small group classes allow personalised attention and adjustments, creating for me an ideal reintroduction to safe yoga practice.  Lise creates a beautiful, comfortable space and a welcoming and supportive environment to practice in.  Her extensive training and passion for the yogini lifestyle is generously shared through her expert guidance and snippets of shared wisdom. Lise’s lightheartedness, cheeky humour and beautiful smile makes everyone feel relaxed and at ease.”

Kelly Evans,  Academic Skills Lecturer

Lise has literally enriched my life. As a sufferer of chronic pain I have finally found a practice that quietens my sympathetic nervous system and engages my parasympathetic which means I am learning to trust and be kind to my body.
Lise has a unique talent, working with individual needs whilst providing a sense of inclusion. To anyone living with chronic pain you would know that’s gold!
Yet another wonderful reason for having chosen Clunes as home.

Dawn McIntyre, Psychologist / Author

A relaxing peaceful environment that will leave you feeling balanced & renewed. Lise is a wonderful, inspiring teacher her Restorative/Deep Rest yoga classes are total bliss. Highly recommend trying one of her classes you won’t be disappointed!!

Elise Grivas, Accounts Manager

When I started yoga nine years ago, I used it as a last resort as none of the other methods of exercise helped me with my fitness or weight loss goals. Two classes in, I was addicted. Yoga is so many things to me today –
it is Physical : the asanas help you build muscles, tones your body, and keeps you fit and flexible
it is Technical: it teaches you simple things like how to sit or stand correctly, to strengthen your body from the inside without injury
it is Mental: the breathing techniques calms you down, makes you appreciate your surroundings
it is Therapeutic: unlike in a gym, you do not have to push your body, you can work with its different needs each day.
and above all it is Spiritual: it teaches you humility, grace, stillness, and keeps you grounded
Lise at Pure-Li Yoga helps you achieve all of the above in her fun filled class. She is kind, gentle and a very understanding teacher. She takes the time to understand your needs, helps you appreciate your body and teaches you techniques to achieve your goals. It has been a great journey with her where some days my body surprises me, other days I can let it be without judging or being judged. With it’s beautiful surrounds and glorious Sunrise views, her studio is very inviting and calming, adding to an all round yoga experience. Give it a go, you will LOVE it!
Flevy Crasto, Business Manager, NSW Health

Like most people, our weeks are intense and full of action and stress; my wife and I really look forward to our Restorative Yoga session with Lise on Saturday mornings.
‘Restorative’ provides a gentle and delicious full stop to the week and ensures we get the most of our time together over the weekend.
John Wooding, Company Director / Owner

I attend 2 classes per week with Lise. Every time I walk into the beautiful space she has so carefully created for her students I have an immediate sense of being in a safe space where I can focus on my practice and be cared for. The restorative class on Saturday mornings is the very best way to cast off the week of work and set the tone for the weekend. The work Lise does to nurture and support you in the poses of this class is extraordinary. I am so grateful and happy to have yoga centre like this in my neighbourhood.
Moira McDade, Business Owner, Management Consulting

Holy Yogi! I can do this!!

For years I resisted yoga after I was told it wouldn’t be great for my lower back issues, plus I was always so scared that I’d be in a room full of pro yogi’s and I’d just feel clunky and stupid.
I couldn’t have been more wrong. These small, fun, flowing Hatha classes have given me a strength I never knew I had.
After only four weeks I can already feel the difference in my body and I’m just moving with more grace.
Lise’s instruction makes me feel safe and I feel like I’m becoming a wee little yogi myself. I’m so so grateful I found you Lise and yes, I’m hooked.
Dana Eager, Graphic Designer/Business Owner


Thanks for providing such a wonderful class and environment Lise.  I feel I have measurably increased my strength, stamina, balance and overall wellbeing from your classes.  Getting up early on winter mornings has surprisingly been a pleasure due to the benefits I feel from the practice.  I just love everything about it.  My world seems to have magically expanded.  Cant wait for the next term.  Thank you so much for providing this for us. 

Tracey Hocking, Business Creator/Owner