Crescendo Through To The End

So much sense . . .

This week, circumstances have me thinking or perhaps, feeling, about the sadness that usually accompanies the end of life. Dying and the associated suffering.
Restorative Yoga provides the space and time for us to reflect on who we are, the choices we make, and our decisions that create the experience we called life.  Time to consciously step out, how to crescendo through to the end?

Making space.

If nothing else, Restorative Yoga can be the space where we remind ourselves, that we are just a speck in the greater greatness of this thing we call life, and that we are often avoiding the control or affect, that we COULD have on the life we live, by being disconnected with the idea of death and dying.

How much time do you put aside to think with a focus or an intention, about what is inevitable – some of us will go fast without much suffering, some of us won’t be so lucky.

What ways are you preparing for the inevitable?


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