What Are You So Afraid Of?

Watch, Listen, Pay Attention.


How are you ever going to know why lovely, smart and caring people like me get so fervent about all this stuff, if you don’t SEE what I’m SEEING??!!

This is Kali Yug!

This is the time that everything we have known is being brought back down to ground, a time of destruction or maybe another word could be shattering illusions, breaking down years of conditioning and misinformation that is harming and damaging, so that we can begin again, clear seeing.

Whatever your ‘thing’ is in this lifetime, whether its environmental issues, feminism, climate change, small business, black lives matters, gender inequality, indigenous rights, equality … whatever issue you choose – it means nothing, absolutely nothing, if we give up our freedoms.

This is the number one issue in the world today, not because I’m saying it, but because without our autonomy we have NOTHING.

Who amongst you will watch even this much?

If you’re thinking ‘no way I’m not going to watch it’, then please – answer me this: what on earth are you so afraid of???

Here is just a taster.

Filmed last year, see how far we have come in the conspiracy theory.

I’m pretty sure the Tubies will pull it down sooner rather than later so don’t dilly dally!

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