Your Thoughts Affect Your Destiny? Really?!!

Hi Friends!

Look around you in your room. Everything that surrounds you was once a thought. And here it is now, manifest in your life.

We discussed the Mental Rehearsal a little bit in the last term of Pure-Li Yoga Beginner’s Course, and this video is more of the same, just BETTER!

So when I talk about ‘imagine you’re lifting from the lower back … ‘ up off the floor into kneeling plank as if you’re really actually doing that …. it’s this.

When we set an intention for our practice, and for the rest of the day / week / year … it’s this. We always visualise clearly in our minds the intention, and, thanks to my training in iRest® Yoga Nidra, we always phrase it in the present tense, as if it is already a reality …. it’s this!

And when we visualise, put focus and energy into what it is we WANT in life, as if it is already exists for us (and not on what we don’t want), … it’s this.

The Servant Becomes The Master

Now called ‘neuroscience’, this neuroscientist honours the tradition from where it emerges … and that’s why I warm to what he shares!

This is what YOGA teaches, IF you get down and dirty with it, immerse yourself in the teachings and practices, become vulnerable enough to really allow them to seep in, and be open to all that arises from those teachings and practices, using the framework of the Eightfold Path of Yoga, as your support, it will make what he’s talking about a LOT easier.


. . . not because it’s trendy, or you want to look graceful, or you want to get fit (go to the gym), not because you need to de-stress, although that is definitely a by-product of practice!

One of the reasons we all need to slow down, is so that we start to realise the difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind – and what separates them – that being the analytical mind. When we start to slow down, by practising eg. Restorative Yoga, or iRest Yoga Nidra, or Pranayama, or Meditation ( – oh funny – all the things I share here at Pure-Li Yoga!!), when we practice these things we can start to change our brain waves by slowing them down, and only then can we enter what Dr. Joe here calls the “operating system”, where we can begin to make some really important changes.




For me – I was somehow blessed by an unknown force in the past, to do trainings in Self-Compassion with Stanford University, not having a clue why I had signed up for it at the time, and all my yoga trainings – I didn’t realise it at the time, but they prepared me for a time when I was really, no – REALLY, going to need them. And they allowed me to adapt and change, with grace and integrity and gentleness (mostly), and with a higher understanding, that didn’t always get to the surface before my human reactions, but they were there, nonetheless, embedded somewhere in my software, and I am so lucky and grateful for that!

Dr. Joe talks about how most of us wait, until we are sick, or some tragedy, loss or crisis hits us – why wait until that strikes (because you know it will, right?). We can choose to start learning techniques while we are happy and healthy – much easier for the brain than when the we are in pain and suffering through some sort of crisis.

Anyway, just watch the video …. you’ll see for yourself how much SENSE IT MAKES – even if you’re not a yogi, or meditator etc, YET!

I LOVE what he’s saying here, the reverb is strong for me … I saw him speak quite a few years ago, at Conscious Club in Sydney, and it set me off on a path a path that I am loving … a path that has held me in good stead through storms you wouldn’t even believe … no doubt a large contributing factor to WHY I share what I share in yoga and meditation here at Pure-Li Yoga. What he is talking about IS yoga.

It’s powerful stuff. Are you ready?!

Dr. Joe Dispenza is visiting Sydney again in May this year, you might want some more?! Also there are sooooo many generous sharings of his conferences and talks on Youtube, so you don’t need to feel fomo if you can’t get to Sydney this year!

Hope it moves you as much as it does me!

Love Lila xo

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