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T o   P u r e – L i   Y o g a 

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Pure-Li Yoga, 54 Main Street, Clunes.  N.S.W.  2480.

Have you ever noticed that everything we do has an effect on everyone around us, and in turn everyone around them?

I believe practising yoga cultivates compassion and generates good karma.

As soon as we step onto our yoga mat and begin a regular practice, we are reminded of our connection to something greater than ourselves.  We allow our minds a little more space to begin the noticing … noticing how we feel, noticing what irritates us, noticing ours and other people’s real needs, truly seeing the world around us with a more profound perspective … and this space gives us a chance to pause, reflect and respond, rather than react.

The more regular our yoga practice becomes, the more we start to feel a connection to ourselves and others and perhaps realise that we are all in this together!  We become familiar with how the body, breath and mind are braided together, and we can then begin to notice the ripple effect.

Next time you think you don’t have time for yoga practice, remember that the vitality, strength, balance, bright attention and sense of connection that come from regular practice not only will make you healthier, but will help make the world a better place!

In our Hatha Yoga practice, I’ll take you through a sequence of yoga to include a little meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), and relaxation, so that you walk out feeling awake, alert and ready again to face life with a sense of contentment, control, inner-peace and calm.

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